How do we get the down?

See how the 2ndrnddown process works and why it is different

Sorting the Goods

The sort happens before anything else. When down filled items come in for recycling, they first get sorted by brand. All the brands are kept separate. Under each brand, the species is sorted (goose and duck) then each of those for color (white and gray). This allows us to have a much higher quality of down and not mix up colors and species.


Once Sorted, the jackets head to have the down extracted. The hard components are removed (buttons, zippers, and cord locks) then sent through our shredding process. We also employ Tersus Solutions Separation Technology to remove chunks of fabric and as many threads as possible. This technology also separates the larger feathers and quill from the down for the highest quality down possible.

Where the magic happens

The separated down is now sent through the Tersus Solutions CO2 equipment for cleaning. Using high pressure carbon dioxide in specialized equipment, the down is cleaned in the best and most environmentally way possible. No water is used to clean the down, saving hundreds of gallons water and energy to dry each cycle. CO2 is the best way to clean down. Period.

Testing and Ship

Once cleaned, the down is tested for cleanliness in our lab using official IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratory) equipment and testing procedures. The down is then packaged and shipped out to the customers (you!) to make and create amazing down filled garments.

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